How to Use Seasonality to Boost e-Commerce Sales

Learn how to use seasonality to boost e-commerce sales from the GOPD team in this post.

Leverage seasonal stressors to connect with customers. As a business owner, you understand the importance of harnessing every opportunity to increase sales. That includes using seasonality — understanding customers’ mindsets and motivations at different times of year — as part of your marketing campaigns. However, leveraging seasonality can be a bit challenging. After all, when…

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Post-Pandemic Shopping Trends to Look Out For

Post-pandemic shopping trends will include having office supplies orders shipped to employees homes.

Learn how customer habits have changed and how you can accommodate them.   It’s no secret that the pandemic changed much about the way people live their lives, including how and where they work and how they shop and interact with brands. More workplaces have transitioned to a remote or hybrid work model, and visiting a…

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4 e-Commerce Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction

These e-commerce features to improve customer satisfaction will boost your customer base and their loyalty to your brand.

Give customers an outstanding experience with these features If growing your customer base is your primary business goal, tracking the satisfaction of your customers is one of the most practical steps you can take. Staying on top of this metric will allow you to figure out which strategies are working to your advantage, and which…

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How We Help Different Types of Dealers

Our business products e-commerce solutions company can help dealers of all sizes. GOPD has provided dealers with third-party management systems, exceptional support, and reliable technologies for years. Our unique “a la carte” concept allows you to select the right product and service modules for your organization. This approach means that you get all of the…

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3 Ways Our Training Program Can Set You Up for Success

Training is just one of the benefits we offer as a provider of B2B e-commerce for the business products industry. At GOPD, we’re known for providing our clients with innovative B2B e-commerce solutions for business products industry dealers. We’ve designed these technologies and services to help your organization accomplish its business goals while also providing…

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Must-Have B2B e-Commerce Features for 2022

Set yourself up for success in the new year with these valuable tools As you gear up for the coming year, you are probably looking for ways to enhance the user experience in your online office products store. With that in mind, we have created this list of “must-have” B2B e-commerce features we recommend to…

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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

This blog post shares tips on how to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Learn how to encourage customers to follow through and complete their orders. If you sell products online, shopping cart abandonment is often one of the most frustrating problems that you will encounter. You invested time and resources into advertising your products and successfully guided prospective clients to your site. You were so close to a…

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How to Promote Your Online Store

Get tips for marketing your e-commerce store and connecting with new customers. E-commerce lets your business reach more customers than ever before, but it isn’t a magic wand – it still takes a lot of effort to reach new customers. How you go about marketing your e-commerce store and the promotion strategies you use could…

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6 Common E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these costly mistakes many businesses make. Online commerce is an evolving field that presents new challenges as time goes on. Getting the basics right is hard enough, but fine-tuning your shopping site can be challenging for seasoned dealers and those new to e-commerce. Many businesses make common e-commerce mistakes that can be easily avoided,…

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10 Features We Provide for Your Business Products e-Commerce Website

Our e-commerce solutions have set office supply dealers up for success for decades. It’s essential to seek out flexible and versatile e-commerce solutions for your shopping website to provide the most comprehensive and effective business products to your customers. GOPD delivers top-of-the-line solutions and modules that offer a wide variety of advanced features. Our innovative e-commerce solutions…

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