Post-Pandemic Shopping Trends to Look Out For

Learn how customer habits have changed and how you can accommodate them.


Post-pandemic shopping trends will include having office supplies orders shipped to employees homes.It’s no secret that the pandemic changed much about the way people live their lives, including how and where they work and how they shop and interact with brands. More workplaces have transitioned to a remote or hybrid work model, and visiting a brick-and-mortar store to do some shopping is no longer as simple as it once was.


As an online office products vendor, you’ve likely seen some significant shifts in the e-commerce space since 2020. Despite the fact that many businesses are slowly transitioning back to their pre-pandemic systems of operation, many of the customer habits and trends seen at the height of lockdown will continue for online retailers.


Let’s take a look at a few of these post-pandemic shopping trends and how you can continue to accommodate them within your e-commerce business model.


Online shopping

Shopping online has been an option for consumers for many years, but for obvious reasons, the online marketplace boomed at the start of the pandemic and has continued to be one of the most prominent ways to shop.


Though many customers turned to online shopping as a necessity, they’ve stayed for the convenience and variety — and will be looking for office supply vendors who can provide that. You can rise to meet this need by prioritizing a frictionless customer interface across all devices, streamlined return and exchange processes, and a well-equipped customer service team with fast response times.


Prioritizing ergonomic office furniture

Shopping online wasn’t the only aspect of commerce that experienced a huge boom during the pandemic — working online, away from the routines and structure of our regular workplaces, did as well.


This shift in the work-life of many businesses has led to increased investment in home office set-ups for their employees. And that shift seems like it’s here to stay, with fully-remote and hybrid work models becoming the norm for many companies. That means you’ll likely see greater demand for items like optimized desks and ergonomic desk chairs, which help keep employees healthy and comfortable during their workdays at home.


Your brand can rise to meet this need by not only providing products that help to optimize a home office but also by prioritizing this information in your marketing strategies and online office products store.


Shipping orders to residences

As an office products vendor, in pre-pandemic times, more often than not, you were shipping orders directly to offices and other places of business. Now, if employees are working remotely for the foreseeable future, their employers may want to give them the option to order office supplies themselves and have them delivered to their homes.


A robust e-commerce platform like the one GOPD offers allows for that level of customization, where your customers can add different users and shipping locations so their teams can get what they need regardless of where “the office” is now.


Looking for the right tools to take charge of the current online marketplace and handle these post-pandemic shopping trends? GOPD can help with specialized e-commerce solutions that will streamline your operations while boosting revenue and customer satisfaction.


Contact us today to learn how our e-commerce options can accommodate your customers’ new buying habits and preferences during the pandemic and beyond.