4 Ways GOPD Can Help Your Sales Team

Equip your team with tools from GOPD, the top e-commerce logistics solutions provider for office products dealers.


GOPD is an e-commerce logistics solutions provider with a focus on helping your office products sales team succeed.The success of your business depends on your sales team working efficiently and converting prospects into paying customers. Sales can be a highly competitive environment, so your team will rely on you for the tools and resources they need to meet (or exceed!) their sales goals.


Your best way to deliver those resources is with a suite of sales tools designed to help your sales team succeed. GOPD is designed to do just that — take a look at the features of our e-commerce solution your sales team can use to gain a competitive advantage and help meet customers’ needs:


  1. Selling Suites
  2. The Back Office
  3. Marketing Services
  4. Selling Points


GOPD offers your sales team the modules they need to save time, gather important insights, make the most of every sales opportunity, and connect with customers 24/7. Let’s look at how these four resources help your salespeople achieve their goals.


Selling Suites


Our Selling Suites are an absolute workhorse for any sales team. This resource comprises a collection of tools that provide capabilities to drive success, including creating quotes, emailing them, adding them to the customer’s shopping cart, or converting them into orders.


The sales manager dashboard provides deep insights into your sales staff’s performance over time. Some available stats include average order value, total sales, shipping charges, and more.


You can even compare one sales period to another. Use this module to identify your superstar salespeople and the team members who need extra support.


The Back Office


Our back office tools help to streamline the ordering process. Customer support teams can conduct product searches based on customer history, place orders on behalf of customers, and use preset pricing plans.


Sales reps enjoy the same functionality as support staff, with actions limited to their accounts. Finally, the back office integrates with popular accounting systems.


Marketing Services


GOPD has partnered with Sortis Digital Marketing to give dealers access to the services they need to reach their target audiences. Sortis provides a truly bespoke approach to marketing, communications, and e-commerce web development, which includes a strategy to improve your marketing plan over time as your sales team’s needs and goals evolve.


Selling Points


The checkout process provides dealers with one final touchpoint to engage the customer and increase the value of the sale. Our Selling Points module was created to capitalize on this opportunity. Once added to your shopping site, it allows you to:


  • Direct customers to other relevant products
  • Offer up to four alternatives to products
  • Showcase lower-price alternatives
  • Use lists to curate product recommendations
  • Show customers items that are most relevant to them


For example, if a customer selects a desktop accessories set, you can show them stationary, pens, and other items to go along with it. The recommendations are always relevant because you have the power to define which products you want to highlight together.


Empower your sales team today!


You’ve hired and trained a capable sales team. The only difference between your business and the closest competitor could be the right tools and technologies.


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