GOPD provides unsurpassed flexibility. Starting with your ability to select system functionality, you have the tools to tailor most options to specific customers and even the individual shopper. GOPD subscriptions are based on an á la carte menu or discounted bundles.


Dealers pick and choose what they need when they need it. It all starts with the shopping cart. Build your subscription with seamlessly integrated features using the á la carte offerings. You may wish to complement your online branding with the Design Tool, Super Guest, Coupons, a Rewards Programs and more. Special customers may require additional services, such as Contract pricing, Approvals, Budgets, and Punchouts, etc. Arm your dealership team with internal functionality like Customer Service access, Purchasing and Chain Store price comparisons.

To help you save money and make it easy, GOPD created discounted bundles. Integration with QuickBooks or NetSuite accounting packages is included in our most popular bundles.

The flexibility of GOPD makes it an easy “fit” for you and your customers. For more information about how GOPD can help your business, please call 888.665.9593 or fill out the Get In Touch form.