8 Must-Haves for a Successful Office Products e-Commerce Website

Does your website have the keys to e-Commerce success?


Your office products e-commerce website should be easy to use and carry everything your customers need.It’s more important than ever before to have an online presence and an option for your customers to buy products directly from your website. But it’s not as easy as adding a one-size-fits-all e-commerce widget to your site and calling it a day. Your office products e-commerce website should be designed specifically with your market and target customer in mind.


If you want to reach your business goals, your office products e-commerce website will need:


  1. Updated, easy-to-use design
  2. Well-designed shopping cart
  3. Rewards or loyalty program
  4. Mobile-friendly interface
  5. Intuitive checkout process
  6. Great customer support
  7. Large product selection
  8. GOPD as the foundation


Keep reading to learn more about the value of these features on your office products e-commerce website.


Updated, easy-to-use design

Online shoppers these days have high expectations. Today’s e-commerce landscape has set the bar high for excellent functionality, fast page loading times, and helpful features. If your site is dated or difficult to navigate, you will lose customers to sites that offer a better experience.


Well-designed shopping cart

Yes, people add items to their shopping cart to purchase. But they also do this to track prices, create personal wish lists, and simply keep tabs on the products they want to remember to buy later on.


How functional is your shopping cart? Can users create a favorites list, view their history, read ratings and reviews, see extension product information, compare products easily, and see pricing? A shopping cart should also be designed with a strategy to avoid shopping cart abandonment in mind.


Attractive rewards or loyalty program

Rewards and loyalty programs can give a significant boost to customer retention. When people are rewarded with points towards free products, discounts, or other incentives, they are more likely to continue shopping on your e-commerce site. These programs motivate customers’ innate desire to get things for free, score points, and achieve rewards through their loyalty to your business.


Mobile-friendly interface

These days, it’s likely that a large portion of customers shopping for office products on your website will be using mobile devices. For example, a recent report found that more than 60% of B2B buyers said mobile played a significant role in a recent purchase.


To help streamline the shopping process for mobile customers, it’s important that you design the experience to work for them. This work includes:

  • Making text easy to read on small screens
  • Optimizing video and images for mobile
  • Ensuring that mobile navigation works correctly

When you optimize your e-commerce site for mobile, you also improve your search engine optimization, bringing more visitors to your site.


Intuitive checkout process

Frustrations during the checkout process can cause people to abandon their purchases. Ensure this process is absolutely frictionless to turn new visitors into customers and keep existing customers happy.


Great customer support

Shoppers should be able to get any help they need quickly. Consider implementing online customer support options, like live chat. This approach will allow people to receive service right away when your team is online, or at least know the right people have received their message.


Large product selection

If customers must leave your site to find a product, they may not return. Offer a wide selection of office products and office supplies to meet all possible needs and become your customers’ go-to source.


GOPD as the foundation

GOPD offers a suite of solutions that are designed to help you create the ideal office products e-commerce site for your business. With our support, you can create a fully customized shopping site that meets your customers’ needs now and can be scaled for future growth.


The online shopping experience you provide to your customers will determine whether they become loyal customers in the future or look elsewhere to buy office products. With our tools, resources, and support, you can be confident that your office products e-commerce website is helping your business reach its goals.


Contact our team today to learn more about GOPD’s options or start building your customized e-commerce website!