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Sortis, a leading website development and digital marketing agency, and GOPD, the preeminent e-commerce provider to independent office products dealers, have teamed up to deliver a best-in-class website and marketing program.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

You're Unique, So Let's Market That Way.

For too long, independent office products dealers haven't had the right kind of website and marketing offerings. It's time that changed.

From GOPD's Perspective

From Donna Snyder, President of GOPD:

"I see the need for dealers to have good marketing, fresh ideas. Other agencies just don't yield results - and some don't even talk about results. It's not just about pretty flyers. Dealers need to be able to see a return on their investment. Sortis really cares about the programs and making sure dealers are successful.

With this partnership, dealers have a source that is familiar with the office products industry and is working with us very closely. Sortis is a business very much like GOPD, and our independent dealers. That brings a lot to the table because it's a true partnership. It's not like just hiring a person. It's literally like having a marketing department, and you need that if you want your business to grow."

From Sortis' Perspective

From Greg Sanders, Principal at Sortis:

"Everyone is thrilled to be in partnership with GOPD. Donna, Andy and their team are first-class. They bring a level of commitment to their clients that Sortis understands and agrees with. GOPD recognized that many of their dealer clients only get cookie-cutter marketing efforts. Websites that do not perform. Marketing that is not measured. Marketing efforts that aren't individualized by dealer.

Sortis is committing to change all of this. We have never done one-size-fits-all marketing. Each client is given the attention they deserve and, frankly, need.  We are excited to transform each dealer's website into a 24/7 salesperson, and to get their messaging to market the right way."

Highlights of Our Individualized Marketing Approach

A Plan as Unique as You Are

No two dealers' business needs and goals are alike, so why should their marketing programs be exactly the same?

Sortis will create a completely custom plan tailored to your marketing history, immediate needs, and long-term goals. From the tone of your website content to the audience they'll target with your email marketing campaigns, every aspect of your plan is created specifically to help grow your business and drive sales.

A Forecast of Benefits

Sortis offers an exclusive forecasting methodology that gives you a snapshot of when you can expect results and allows you to hold their team accountable. With Sortis, there's no "pay and pray" — you'll know from the start when to anticipate reaching certain marketing benchmarks and what kind of return on investment you can expect.

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Reporting that Makes Sense

The Sortis team will share your marketing program's progress in a way that's easy to understand and effectively illustrates the results they’re seeing. You won't be left on your own to interpret analytics or email campaign results — Sortis will take you step-by-step through what the data means for your business.

An Effort That Evolves Over Time

Your marketing plan isn't set in stone. As time goes on, Sortis will work to identify anything that could use improvement and brainstorm new tactics that will help you meet your initial goals and any new business goals you set.

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Testimonial: EZ Office Products in Madison Wisconsin

Rose Molz

“I used to think it was always best to either do marketing myself (after all, who knows my company better than me) or to reach out to an industry-related marketing arm (after all, they’re supposed to know my industry). Both were bad ideas and did not make good business sense. Why? First, I finally caved. I realized if I wanted my business to flourish and grow, I acknowledged that I do not have quality time to give marketing the dedicated effort it needs. Second, using an industry-related marketing firm brought little creativity and I recognized that everything that was an idea of my own or perhaps an idea brought to me just got re-purposed as marketing for another in my industry…sometimes even a competitor. Now that I’ve switch to Sortis Digital Marketing I am confidence that I have access to some of the best marketing minds available to me. Sortis Digital Marketing is not only creative and innovative, they question my industry’s status quo. They have moved my business from being a follower to a leader. Lesson learned. Too bad it took me 15 years to figure that out, but better late than never!”

Testimonial: Minton Jones in Norcross, Georgia

Chip Jones

"The website of today is no longer just an ordering site for your current customers.  It must become the ultimate information site that not only entices prospective customers who are searching for a new or replacement supplier, but also as a valuable retention tool to help retain your established customers.

We realized that we had allowed our website to lapse into an e-commerce coma and we needed to do something about it. Before we were introduced to Sortis, we searched for months within our own industry but realized that a great many dealer sites look too similar.

We narrowed our search down to five designs, two of which were within our industry. These companies were able to capture the uniqueness of each of their companies.  One of our top criteria was to create the image of being “Local”. Local today is important to customers. We really loved that local image that one of the top five (EZ Office Products) had created and I decided to reach out to them to ask them about how they chose a company to design their new site.

They introduced us to Greg Sanders from Sortis Digital Marketing. Ten minutes into our initial conversation with Greg, we knew we had found the company that completely understood not only what we needed, but more importantly, how to get there. We are now 90 days into our transformation, and the results have been completely amazing. We are already receiving weekly information requests from prospective customers and our Google rankings are climbing. The best part was that Sortis makes the whole transformation process easy and painless. If you are thinking about upgrading or updating your image, I highly recommend Greg and Sortis Digital Marketing."

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