GOPD Employee Spotlight: Melody Becker

Get to know the team that makes GOPD’s industry-leading solutions possible with our new Employee Spotlight series! First up is Lead Trainer Melody Becker, who has been with GOPD for eight years.   What brought you to GOPD? I worked for a large dealer in Nashville, and we had moved to Arizona, and I was…

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6 Ways Our Office Supply and e-Commerce Solution Company Makes Your Life Easier

GOPD is an office supply and e-commerce solution company that stands out with its support options, customizable features, and more.

Streamline your work day with GOPD. At GOPD, everything we do revolves around one thing: helping you find success as an office products dealer.   That’s why our office supply and e-commerce solution company is proud to offer so many unique programs and features all designed with your business needs and goals in mind.  …

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Customizing Our Office Supply e-Commerce Solutions: What Modules are the Best Fit for You?

Our office supply e-commerce solutions include modules that allow you to customize your site design, sales team tools, and more.

Learn how to create a comprehensive, custom e-commerce platform. At GOPD, we understand that every independent dealer is different. You face unique challenges, have different business goals, and serve a variety of customers.   Shouldn’t your office supply e-commerce solutions be just as unique as your business is?   Our team believes that the best…

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Office Product Dealer Software: Helpful Back Office Tools You’ll Find with GOPD

The back-office features in our office product dealer software is designed to streamline your operations and support your sales team.

GOPD is so much more than the online store your customers see!   In today’s digital age, e-commerce has become an essential part of how office product dealers do business. It’s the key to reaching more customers, meeting their needs, and allowing them to place orders on their own time.   However, managing e-commerce operations…

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5 Ways to Use Software for Office Supply Dealers to Connect with New Customers

GOPD’s software for office supply dealers includes back-office sales features that can help you connect with new customers.

Learn how a website can take your office products business to the next level. Connecting with new customers can be a challenge for any business. But one of the most important tools in your toolbox when it comes to growing your business and reaching new customers is one you might not consider when thinking about…

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What to Look For in Office Products Dealer Software

Learn how to find the best solution for your needs.   Researching any new technology investment for your office products business can be a daunting task. But it can be even more stressful when you’re looking for new office products dealer software that you’ll rely on to connect with customers and sell products!   At…

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Supplies B2B e-Commerce Solution in 2023

We have office supplies B2B e-commerce solutions for every type of dealer.

Start the new year off right with a fresh, functional shopping website.   As a business owner, you probably have a lot on your to-do list already for 2023. But what about the website your customers use to purchase products from you? Is that ready to help you succeed in the new year?   At…

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Selling Suites Webinar

Join Andy Ballard, GOPD’s Director of Sales, as he explains the features and benefits of the Selling Suite tool and how you can use it to enhance your sales.  

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GOPD Featured in OPI Technology Solutions Issue

Hear our take on recent tech trends and more!   Note: This excerpt originally appeared in the September 2022 issue of OPI — you can read the full article here.    Insights from Andy Ballard, Director of Sales for GOPD   From our dealers’ perspective, the theme of the past year has been ‘flexibility.’ This…

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4 Ways GOPD Can Help Your Sales Team

GOPD is an e-commerce logistics solutions provider with a focus on helping your office products sales team succeed.

Equip your team with tools from GOPD, the top e-commerce logistics solutions provider for office products dealers.   The success of your business depends on your sales team working efficiently and converting prospects into paying customers. Sales can be a highly competitive environment, so your team will rely on you for the tools and resources…

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