How We Help Different Types of Dealers

Our business products e-commerce solutions company can help dealers of all sizes.

GOPD is a business products e-commerce solution company for every type of dealer, large and small.

GOPD has provided dealers with third-party management systems, exceptional support, and reliable technologies for years. Our unique “a la carte” concept allows you to select the right product and service modules for your organization.

This approach means that you get all of the services you need while avoiding paying for resources that are not useful to your organization. GOPD’s unprecedented approach has made us a valuable asset to all dealers, regardless of their size.

Unlike some other e-commerce solution providers, we’re proud to work with dealers of all sizes and situations. The sizes and types of dealers that we work with include:

One-man shows

Traditionally, one-person businesses have a tough time competing with large companies in the e-commerce space. Fortunately, GOPD can help independent, solo office products dealers keep up with enterprise-level organizations. We offer customizable and scalable products that are designed with you in mind.

At the heart of our product lineup is the Basic Shopping Cart, which costs just $99 per month. From there, you can enhance your cart with credit card processing tools, cart customization templates, and much more.

In addition, GOPD offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that can increase your reach and aid your efforts to acquire new customers without putting more stress on your schedule.

Large companies

GOPD’s products and support services are powerful enough to meet the needs of even the largest office products dealers. Our products include the latest order automation capabilities, wholesaler search interfaces, select source purchasing functionalities, and more.

As if that were not enough, we also offer discounted bundles that group together some of our most popular modules. This means you can get all of the features your growing business needs and save money simultaneously.

Niche dealers

Do you operate within a niche or otherwise unusual office products market category? If so, then you can also benefit from GOPD’s dealer solutions. We have partnered with dozens of dealers that operate “off the beaten path” or only specialize in one market category. These clients love the customizability and module-based nature of our product lineup.

At GOPD, we truly offer a solution for every dealer, regardless of the field that they operate within.

Businesses new to e-commerce

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of our suite of services and products is that they are extremely user-friendly. This simplicity makes GOPD the preferred choice for thousands of new e-commerce businesses. Even if you have no online sales experience, you can take advantage of our tools and generate real results.

All of our products are backed by world-class support services. These services include standard training resources, which are included free with all products. Our team also provides tailored training in the event that you need more personalized assistance while adjusting to your new e-commerce site.

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