How to Use Generational Marketing to Sell Office Products

Learn how to connect with all of your customers, no matter their age.

Not sure how to use generational marketing to sell office products? GOPD can help! Marketing office products can be a challenging task for many dealers. It requires a great deal of strategy and planning to reach your target market effectively.

One approach that has become increasingly popular in recent years is generational marketing. This approach involves tailoring your marketing efforts to specific age groups in your target customer base and understanding how they shop, what they value, and how they prefer to receive information.

In this article, we’ll explore how office product dealers can use generational marketing to sell to different age groups, including Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z. First, let’s go through a quick overview of each of these generations and what tactics resonate with them the most.


Baby Boomers

Boomers are currently between the ages of 59-77 (born between 1946 and 1964); they tend to be career-focused and are likelier to use their phones for social media than any other device. When it comes to actually placing orders for office products, you’ll most likely find them shopping from a desktop or laptop computer.

They respond best to advertising that shows the product being used in a work environment. Boomers also can appreciate personal selling efforts, such as follow-up calls or visits.


Gen X

Generation X, those currently aged between 43-58 (born between 1965-1980), have unique shopping habits that blend both the traditional and digital worlds. One in three Gen X individuals prefers to discover products through online search, but they also look offline to inform their purchasing decisions. They have significant purchasing power online, yet marketing to them can be tricky due to their hybrid approach.

Successful marketing tactics for this generation include acknowledging them in marketing campaigns and appealing to their growing nostalgia. Other effective strategies include ad targeting, offering discounts, creating loyalty programs, using testimonials, responding to reviews, and maintaining consistent communication.



Millennials will currently fall between the ages of 27-42 (born between 1981-1996). This generation is tech-savvy, and they prefer to buy products online versus traditional shopping methods.

They respond best to marketing efforts that emphasize the convenience and cost-effectiveness of shopping with an office products dealer that offers an e-commerce option. Millennials are also more likely to buy from companies that align with their values, like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and eco-friendly packaging and delivery practices.


Gen Z

Gen Z includes anyone born from 1997-2012, making them currently between 11 and 26 years old. They tend to use social media for researching products and finding new vendors to work with.

Gen Z is all about individualism, and they respond best to personalized marketing efforts. They pay attention to brands that are transparent about their business practices, and they’re always looking for something new and innovative.


Social Media Marketing

All generations use social media in various ways. Instagram and TikTok are more popular with younger generations; Facebook is used by Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials; and lately, LinkedIn has gained popularity amongst all generations.

Social media marketing is a great way to promote office products to all generations. You can make use of social media ads to reach your target audience, as well as create engaging posts that request feedback from your customers on things like what products they use the most and what promotions they may like to see in the future.


Email Marketing

Email marketing modified by segmenting your subscribers into different age groups could help give them a tailored experience that will enhance the efficacy of your campaigns. In addition, email marketing campaigns with marketing automation that help target specific age groups can provide unique opportunities to design content that speaks directly to them. For example, you could create an email that gets sent any time someone visits your website, highlighting the features of your store that you think would resonate most with that age group.

Generational marketing is a great way for office product dealers to connect with their target audiences and increase sales. By understanding the attitudes and behavior of each generation, you can decide the best ways to communicate with them and influence their purchasing decisions.


With the different ways to approach each generation, it is vital to speak their language to capture their attention towards your office products. Whether you’re looking to reach Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z, make sure you’re using the right marketing effort to attract them. By using the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to developing marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience, boosting your brand popularity and sales.

If you need help incorporating generational marketing tactics into your e-commerce site, contact GOPD today! Our team is happy to help you customize a cart that helps address your shoppers’ pain points and create a loyal customer base.