Getting Started with Software for Office Product Dealers

Follow these tips from our team to get started using e-commerce to boost sales.

GOPD’s software for office product dealers is customizable and easy to set up.If you’re looking to get started with GOPD’s software for office product dealers, you may have some questions about where to begin, what the steps are, and how to get your cart set up correctly. But when you work with GOPD, the setup process is easy!

We’ve broken down the setup process into a few easy steps:

  1. Initial demonstration
  2. Training on the GOPD platform
  3. Customization and integration
  4. Setting up your cart
  5. Launching!

Now that you know the plan, let’s get into the details for getting started with software for office product dealers.


Initial demonstration

As with many software products, an initial demonstration is key. You’ll want to ensure that the software you’re exploring fits your needs and will integrate well into your business model and structure. With GOPD, our software solutions are designed with office product dealers in mind, so you’ll be sure to find all the features you need to successfully run your business.


Training on the GOPD platform

Again, as with any new software you’ll be using in your business, learning how to navigate and use your new tools to the fullest extent is key! With the GOPD platform, we’ll customize your training based on the features that best fit your business so that you and your team will be set up for success.


Customization and integration

Along with a customized training program, you’ll be able to pick the experience you want for your team and customers; with GOPD’s module based pricing, you can select only the features and items that you and your team feel are necessary. Once selected, we’ll train you on those items. We also offer various integrations with other platforms to make all of your software for office product dealers work seamlessly together.


Setting up your cart

In addition to customizing your software, you’ll also be able to customize your shopping cart for your customers. With GOPD, you can have multiple carts for different customers or types of customers. We also offer services to help you design your home page, so be sure to ask GOPD if you’re interested!



After you’ve decided on how to set up your cart, what functionalities you’d like to have, and are trained on how to use the system, it’s time to launch. With this simple but effective list of tips on how to get started, you know you’ll be set up for the future! If you have any more questions about software for office product dealers, check out the GOPD blog for more information or reach out to our team today.