How to Use Our Software for Office Product Dealers to Grow Your Business

Meet your business goals in the new year with GOPD!

Our e-commerce software for office product dealers can help you reach new customers through online sales.The office products industry is highly competitive, and dealers need to take advantage of every opportunity available to maintain and grow their business. One surefire way to do this is by partnering with GOPD, a leading creator of e-commerce software for office product dealers.

In this blog post, we’ll detail how office product dealers can expand their business using the tools and industry-leading support from GOPD.


Equipping sales teams with Selling Suites

Selling Suites is a GOPD module that helps office product dealers provide better service to their customers. This web-based tool is designed to help salespeople streamline their work with the ability to create quotes and orders based on customers’ unique information, track their sales and customers statistics, and more. By combining information about customer behavior, preferences, and orders, Selling Suites removes the guesswork from selling. It lets you focus on creating long-term customer relationships and upselling opportunities, which in turn can help grow your business.


Offering price match and beat

Price is an important factor for customers looking for office products. By partnering with GOPD, office product dealers can offer price match and beat guarantees. This means that if a customer finds a lower price on a particular item from another supplier, GOPD will match or beat that price. This kind of assurance can help increase customer satisfaction and build a loyal customer base.


Allowing guests to set up their own accounts

In today’s world, customers expect convenience and easy access to everything they need. By allowing your customers to set up their own accounts, you’ll offer a faster, smoother service. GOPD offers a self-service online portal as part of our software for office product dealers that allows customers to view their order history, track deliveries, and reorder products quickly. This feature saves time for both the customer and the dealer and can be an effective way to increase sales and connect with new customers.


Making use of services and support

Growing your business can be a challenge, but you don’t have to go it alone! GOPD offers a range of additional services and support for its partner dealers, like our outstanding one-on-one training, custom marketing programs, and Dealer on Demand service. By making use of these services, office product dealers can streamline their operations and focus on growth and expansion. Having access to marketing support can also help dealers create effective and targeted marketing campaigns to bring in new business.


GOPD offers a range of benefits in its e-commerce software for office product dealers that can help streamline your online operations, attract new customers, and grow your business. But you don’t have to take our word for it — check out one of our customer testimonials to learn how we helped these dealers take their business to the next level!

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