Customizing Our Office Supply e-Commerce Solutions: What Modules are the Best Fit for You?

Learn how to create a comprehensive, custom e-commerce platform.

Our office supply e-commerce solutions include modules that allow you to customize your site design, sales team tools, and more.At GOPD, we understand that every independent dealer is different. You face unique challenges, have different business goals, and serve a variety of customers.


Shouldn’t your office supply e-commerce solutions be just as unique as your business is?


Our team believes that the best office supply e-commerce solutions are the ones that help meet your needs and accomplish your business goals. That’s why we offer a variety of customizable modules that help you create the best e-commerce platform for your team and your customers.


Read on to learn more about some of the customizable modules that make our office supply e-commerce solutions unique! For more information on the customization options available with GOPD, check out these blog posts on the ways you can customize your e-commerce site and must-haves for a successful e-commerce operation.



When it comes to customization, it doesn’t get much more customizable than our ProCart subscription level. With ProCart, you have 100% control over your e-commerce site, including its layout, colors, images, and more.


ProCart subscribers also have access to our homepage design layout partnership with Sortis Digital Marketing. This service allows you to refresh the look of your homepage with one of Sortis’ templates — just answer a few questions, and their team takes care of the rest!


Dealer Contracts

Another customizable feature of our office supply e-commerce solution is the Dealer Contracts module. This module allows you to offer custom contracts giving you flexibility and control over pricing.



Your custom site may look great on desktop, but what about mobile? With our Mobile Shopping module, your website is automatically reconfigured to fit on a mobile device. Whether your customers are on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you can rest easy knowing your e-commerce site looks great and is easy to use!


Selling Suites

The Selling Suites module delivers customization to your sales team, with the option to create multiple guest user sites for different product categories, locations, or types of customers. For example, if your customers include schools, you can create individual shopping sites for each grade level, allowing parents and teachers to easily buy what they need without seeing other products. The results? A truly customized experience that helps your sales team work more efficiently and increases customer satisfaction.


Super User/Approvals

If you have a customer that has one person who handles most of the purchasing, the Super User module gives that person the power to manage other buyers, route orders, and more. You can also include the Approvals module, which sends an order to one person for approval before it gets processed on your site. This customization gives your customers peace of mind that their account is in good hands.


Rewards/Loyalty Program

This customization is all about rewarding the customers who help make your business great. With the Rewards/Loyalty Program module, your customers can earn points through purchasing, purchase other items with those points, and earn discounts or free items with coupons. It’s a great way to make the shopping experience more personal, and thank your customers for all of their support!


This is just a small snapshot of the modules you can use to customize your office supply e-commerce solutions with GOPD. For a complete list of our modules, visit our Products and Services page!


If you’re ready to upgrade your office supply e-commerce solutions to a software company that understands your unique goals and is ready to tailor an e-commerce site to meet them, contact GOPD today!