What to Look For in Office Products Dealer Software

Learn how to find the best solution for your needs.


Your office products dealer software should be intuitive to use and come with stellar support. Researching any new technology investment for your office products business can be a daunting task. But it can be even more stressful when you’re looking for new office products dealer software that you’ll rely on to connect with customers and sell products!


At GOPD, we know a thing or two about great office products dealer software — we’ve been providing the industry with it for more than  15 years.


If you’re in the market for new office products dealer software, or your company’s first e-commerce solution, here’s what our team recommends you put on your checklist:


  • Customization features
  • Tools to empower your sales team
  • Strong partnerships with suppliers
  • Smooth and automated order flow
  • Marketing assistance
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Flexibility to add more order automation and marketing tools as your e-commerce business grows


Read on to learn more about these essential things to look for when researching new office products dealer software for your business!


Customization features

Your business isn’t like other dealers, and any good software provider should understand that. At GOPD, we offer customization features like shopping cart designs, modules, individual customer-level shopping carts, and more to provide the ideal e-commerce solution for you and your customers.


Tools to empower your sales team

A great office products dealer software program should make life easier for your sales team, not more difficult. When researching, make sure any software provider you’re considering working with can offer tools that can help boost sales and connect with new customers.


With GOPD, we’re proud to offer sales-driving tools like our Selling Suites, back office tools, and the Selling Points modules to help monitor sales analytics, offer custom quotes, order entry, and more. Learn more about the ways GOPD can help your sales team here.


Strong partnerships with suppliers

The GOPD team is proud of the supplier partnerships we’ve cultivated over our years in the industry, and the opportunity to deliver quality, innovative products to our dealers. Our partners include Essendant and S.P. Richards, Arlington, Supplies Network, and Educator Resources, and we even feature sales integration with their searches as one of our modules. We also offer the ability to add other products from other suppliers to supplement your product lineup.


Smooth and automated order flow

When you add the GOPD back office tools, you can create as automated of an order flow as you want, includeing customer service tools, wholesaler purchasing down to the item level, backorder follow-up, and the strongest Interface with QuickBooks in the industry.  The key is to automate the flow by moving orders from the customer entering them to purchasing them from your wholesaler to invoicing while monitoring the process and only intervening when necessary or beneficial.


Marketing assistance

Communicating with current customers and reaching out to new ones can be a hassle, especially with how busy dealers’ days can get. A comprehensive office products dealer software should offer marketing assistance to help grow your business and establish your brand.


At GOPD, we’re proud to partner with Sortis Digital Marketing to offer homepage redesign and marketing services to our customers.


Outstanding customer support

Finally, the best office products dealer software on the market won’t do much for your business without a stellar support team to help with training, special projects, and any questions you have. Our GOPD support team is here whenever you need them, to help you get the most value out of our e-commerce solutions.


Flexibility to add more order automation and marketing tools as your e-commerce business grows

As your e-commerce business grows, your customers will ask for more and more tools to help them not only search and find the products they want, but request quotes, manage approvals and budgets, access reporting data and more.  You will want to enhance your order automation with your sources, manage your shipments and deliveries, and monitor and improve analytics while simplifying you’re accounting.  GOPD offers a variety of tools that you can turn on and use when you are ready.


If you’re searching for the best office products dealer software fit for your business, look no further: GOPD has everything you need and more to find success in the e-commerce space. Contact our team today to get started, or keep reading the GOPD blog for helpful e-commerce tips!