3 Ways Our Training Program Can Set You Up for Success

Training is just one of the benefits we offer as a provider of B2B e-commerce for the business products industry.

We offer training in addition to B2B e-commerce for the business products industry.

At GOPD, we’re known for providing our clients with innovative B2B e-commerce solutions for business products industry dealers. We’ve designed these technologies and services to help your organization accomplish its business goals while also providing end-users with a seamless shopping experience.

However, we offer much more than e-commerce products! We provide our clients with access to comprehensive training programs designed to maximize the benefits of your GOPD subscription.

Not sure which of our training types is right for you and your business? Keep reading to learn more about the training solutions we offer in addition to B2B e-commerce for the business products industry.

Tailored vs. Standard Training Services

Before we dive into the benefits of GOPD’s training programs, let’s break down our two primary offerings. Our team can provide you with either standard training or tailored training.

Standard training

Think of our standard training program as a rundown of the fundamentals. During this training, your designated training advisor will guide you through the setup of your shopping cart and pricing.

Your training advisor will also help you optimize your e-commerce system to fit the goals and needs of your business. Our training strategies follow a pre-built template based on which subscription you purchase.

Tailored training

Our tailored program is much more comprehensive. One of our training advisors will work with your team to create a training program customized for your organization, your needs, and your business goals. This advanced level of support is perfect for dealers who might have more complex sites or training needs and are looking to get the most out of their GOPD subscription.

Benefits of our training programs

Both our tailored and standard training programs offer the following tremendous benefits for your organization:

Seamless implementation

While GOPD’s technologies are highly user-friendly, professional training and support is the best way to ensure a seamless implementation process. Our experts will guide you every step of the way as you set up your new shopping platform. They can also assist you in selecting wholesale items, setting pricing, and getting your shopping cart fully functional.

System optimization

GOPD offers truly dynamic solutions that change the way customers buy your products. We provide dozens of exciting features that allow you to tailor the shopping experience. However, familiarizing yourself with these various features takes time.

By taking advantage of GOPD’s training program, you can drastically shorten the learning process. Your assigned training advisor will teach you how to use your GOPD subscription to its full potential to help you accomplish your business goals.

Employee education

GOPD’s training program is not just designed for administrative personnel — we also have extensive training guides and documentation that you can use to educate your employees.

With our training, you can rest assured that every member of your team is comfortable using the GOPD platform. As a result, your staff will be more productive, making your organization more profitable.

Innovative e-commerce solutions from GOPD

Are you a long-time customer who has recently upgraded your subscription? Or are you partnering with us for the first time? Either way, GOPD’s training services are the best way to get the most out of our innovative solutions!

To learn more about our tailored and standard training services and how they can benefit your organization, contact us today!