How to Promote Your Online Store

Get tips for marketing your e-commerce store and connecting with new customers.

Marketing your e-commerce store is essential to growing your office products business.

E-commerce lets your business reach more customers than ever before, but it isn’t a magic wand – it still takes a lot of effort to reach new customers. How you go about marketing your e-commerce store and the promotion strategies you use could make or break your office products business.

Here are some tips for marketing your e-commerce store that any independent dealer can use:

  1. Make effective use of your email list
  2. Establish partnerships with other stores
  3. Implement search engine optimization
  4. Turn to the pros for marketing assistance

Keep reading to learn more about how to promote your online store!

Make effective use of your email list

An email list can be a deceptively powerful marketing tool. Direct, targeted outreach delivers better conversion than many other methods, and building an email list of previous and potential customers lets you focus efforts on customers already primed to buy.

There are two key components here: building the list and using it. In addition to using current customers’ email addresses, you can gather prospective customers by offering a newsletter or discount in exchange for their email addresses. Keep in touch with both types of customers by sending out regular emails with company announcements, promotions, tips, and more to keep your contacts engaged.

Establish partnerships with other stores

A partnership with another business that maintains an online store can be beneficial to both parties. If you can find a potential partner that provides different goods and services than yours but targets the same industry, promoting the two stores can increase traffic.

The key here is to identify a complementary brand to your organization. Try to identify other services and goods that customers in need of office products would require but that don’t overlap with your company’s interests.

Implementing search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for driving more traffic to your e-commerce store. The SEO process helps you leverage algorithms that determine what websites search engines suggest for specific search terms and keywords.

By taking the necessary steps to optimize your website, you can rank higher and get more traffic from people searching for office products. In general, this entails researching which keywords are most likely to be used by your potential customers and then including those keywords in content, headers, and metadata on your website.

Turn to the pros for marketing assistance

Marketing your e-commerce store is vital to sustaining and growing your office products business, but busy dealers may not have the time or resources to create their own marketing strategy. That’s where enlisting the help of marketing professionals comes in!

Seeking assistance in creating a marketing plan tailored to your business will help save you time but ensure you’re getting more than just a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter strategy that doesn’t take your unique goals or challenges into account.

GOPD has partnered with website development and digital marketing agency Sortis Digital Marketing to offer effective, personalized e-commerce marketing solutions such as content, social media marketing, and email campaigns to office products dealers.

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