6 Common E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these costly mistakes many businesses make.

Online commerce is an evolving field that presents new challenges as time goes on. Getting the basics right is hard enough, but fine-tuning your shopping site can be challenging for seasoned dealers and those new to e-commerce.

Many businesses make common e-commerce mistakes that can be easily avoided, especially with an effective e-commerce solution from GOPD. These mistakes include:

  1. Complicating the checkout process
  2. Not considering shipping
  3. Using generic product descriptions
  4. Ignoring customer feedback
  5. Not knowing your target customers
  6. Choosing the wrong platform

Keep reading to learn more about these common e-commerce mistakes, and how you can avoid them!

Complicating the checkout process

Checkout is a critical part of the transaction where any mistakes can be highly costly. The customer has likely already decided to make the purchase, meaning any faults in the checkout process can cost your business a sale in progress.

Customers have little tolerance for complex or inefficient checkout procedures. GOPD provides effective and straightforward shopping cart and checkout solutions to ensure that your business makes every sale it can.

Not considering shipping

Shipping makes up a significant portion of most online sales. As a result, getting the shipping costs wrong can have severe ramifications for a business, putting off customers and losing revenue.

An integrated e-commerce solution from GOPD makes handling shipping extremely easy and reliable. Don’t risk losing customers over shipping problems when you can have a reliable solution take care of the details for you.

Using generic product descriptions

It’s tempting for many business owners to use stock descriptions from the manufacturer or wholesaler. However, this can harm an online business and is a common e-commerce mistake to avoid.

If you want to get top priority from search engines, your website needs original and optimized product descriptions. GOPD provides reliable search engine optimized product descriptions that can increase your traffic and conversions.

Ignoring customer feedback

Customer feedback is incredibly valuable to a business, and many organizations devote significant time, money, and effort to collecting that information. Ignoring reviews and complaints is a common e-commerce mistake that could lead to disaster over time.

The feedback from customers can help you identify problems early on and address them in a timelier manner. GOPD e-commerce solutions make it easier for your organization to collect and act on important customer feedback. If you want to take it a step further, review management services from GOPD partner Sortis Digital Marketing can take the guesswork out of connecting with and listening to your customers.

Not knowing your target customers

Every business does better when it has a clear focus. You need to know who your customers are, what platforms they use, what speaks to them, what pain points they have, and more. Failing to implement features or offer products geared toward customers’ specific needs is a common e-commerce mistake.

Careful research is sometimes necessary, but some simple demographic considerations are often enough to get a general idea of who your customers are. Understanding this enables your organization to formulate an effective strategy for getting the most conversions.

Choosing the wrong platform

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is essential to giving customers an efficient shopping experience and growing your business. Many platforms offer customizable e-commerce solutions at different price points, but these platforms often fail to address the complexities of running an online business products store.

Partnering with an e-commerce provider like GOPD that caters to business products dealers can significantly benefit your company.

GOPD provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions for business supply dealers that aren’t just a few tweaks to a stock solution but a fully realized integration of everything your business needs to avoid these common e-commerce mistakes.

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