10 Features We Provide for Your Business Products e-Commerce Website

Our e-commerce solutions have set office supply dealers up for success for decades.

Learn about our features and e-commerce solutions for your business products company.It’s essential to seek out flexible and versatile e-commerce solutions for your shopping website to provide the most comprehensive and effective business products to your customers. GOPD delivers top-of-the-line solutions and modules that offer a wide variety of advanced features.

Our innovative e-commerce solutions include:

  1. Wholesaler search interface
  2. Credit card payment processing
  3. Comprehensive cart customization
  4. ProCart e-commerce solutions
  5. Easy email confirmations
  6. Optimization for mobile shopping
  7. Approval system
  8. Automated competitor price matching
  9. Domain hosting and SEO
  10. Budgeting tools

Keep reading to learn more about these e-commerce solutions and how they can benefit your office products business.

Wholesaler search interface

Our integrated wholesaler search interface is an essential part of our e-commerce solutions that provides interfacing with both Essendant SmartSearch and SPR SearchPro to deliver the most effective and comprehensive search tools and enhanced content.

Credit card payment processing

Don’t let inadequate payment options frustrate or scare off potential customers! We make it easy to accept credit card payments in a straightforward and reliable way, featuring integration with popular processors like PayPal, Pay Flow Pro, Authorize.net, and Pay Trace.

Comprehensive cart customization

Our solutions support complete customization for your e-commerce cart to deliver a consistent experience for your customers. You can customize your cart for your specific brand and marketing, even applying customization for individual customers.

ProCart e-commerce solutions

With our ProCart integration, you maintain the highest level of control over your customers’ experiences. That includes complete control over layout, images, color, and more design elements that go into building your brand and your business.

Easy email confirmations

Integrated email confirmations remove another element of complexity for your business, handling this important step automatically and making sure customers are in the loop at every stage of their buying journey. Our solutions include a variety of confirmation formats, including both purchase and shipping confirmations.

Optimization for mobile shopping

More consumers than ever are shopping from their mobile devices, and our e-commerce solutions feature shopping carts fully optimized for mobile compatibility. You’ll never have to worry about frustrated mobile customers giving up and moving on with our streamlined interface.

Approval system

The approval system feature allows specific orders to go to a designated person for approval before it’s entered into your system. This helps cut down on administrative oversight and time spent on corrective measures, such as returning customers’ un-approved purchases.

Automated competitor price matching

The GOPD cart offers a module that provides automated cost matching or beating to help you compete with the prices shown by major retailers. This feature helps you stay competitive and give your customers the best prices possible.

Domain hosting and SEO

Our comprehensive e-commerce solutions can include both domain hosting and search engine optimization for your business. You’ll be able to grow your business and increase online traffic and conversions with our reliable services.

Budgeting tools

With our systems, you’ll have access to integrated budgeting tools to make budgeting as simple as possible, including a full suite of customization options, filters, and the ability to set budget amounts and stop dates.

GOPD provides e-commerce solutions for all types and sizes of dealers, and we’ve been doing so for decades. You can count on our proven systems to deliver the most effective solutions for your e-commerce enterprise.

If you’re ready to see what GOPD’s solutions can do for your business, get in touch with our team today online or by calling 888.665.9593.