Must-Have B2B e-Commerce Features for 2022

Set yourself up for success in the new year with these valuable tools

B2B e-commerce features like cart customization and checkout questions will help customers have an enjoyable shopping experience and reduce cart abandonment.

As you gear up for the coming year, you are probably looking for ways to enhance the user experience in your online office products store.

With that in mind, we have created this list of “must-have” B2B e-commerce features we recommend to improve customer satisfaction, reduce cart abandonment, and boost revenue.

If you want to set yourself up for success in 2022 and beyond, we recommend that you deploy several tools, including:

  1. Cart customization
  2. Mobile shopping
  3. High-res visual content
  4. Special offers and coupons
  5. Checkout questions

Keep reading to learn more about these B2B e-commerce features.

Cart customization

Every single aspect of your e-commerce store should promote your brand, including your shopping cart page. However, many online dealers are still relying on a generic shopping cart, reducing the chances of earning a customer’s repeat business.

By incorporating GOPD’s ProCart module, you can easily customize your shopping cart page with exciting B2B e-commerce features. This customization includes the layout, color scheme, images, and more. You can tailor the shopping cart experience so that it appeals to your target audience.

Mobile shopping

Over the last few years, consumers have become increasingly reliant on their mobile devices for virtually everything, including online purchases. You need an e-commerce store that is 100% mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you could be missing out on lots of potential business.

Once you reconfigure your shopping cart to fit on mobile devices, you will experience an increase in both sales and customer satisfaction. Talk about a win-win!

High-res visual content

Modern shoppers will no longer settle for a plain text webpage with a grainy image and a few links. Instead, they want to learn more about products by accessing multiple high-resolution pictures of each item and other engaging graphics. By simply adding some great visual content to your e-commerce store, you can drastically increase conversions.

However, you will also need to ensure that your infrastructure can efficiently load these new images. Visuals that load slowly will negatively affect your SEO ranking and target audience, causing them to “bounce” away from your site.

Special offers and coupons

Everyone loves getting a great deal, especially when shopping online. That is why it is essential to regularly reward your loyal customers with deals and discounts.

By implementing a coupon-based reward system, you can offer past buyers free items or discounts to encourage additional purchases. This tried and true “buy something and get something” approach has helped retailers improve sales for decades.

Checkout questions

In addition to modifying the layout of your shopping cart, you should also deploy new tools to enhance the actual purchasing experience. One great way of doing just that is to ask questions during checkout.

Using GOPD’s tools, you can quickly obtain user feedback. They will have the option to select a pre-selected answer or can type in a personalized response.

You can ask questions such as whether a customer wants more information about a product, whether they need installation service, or how they heard about your company. These responses will give your sales team a chance to connect with the consumer while also reducing cart abandonment.

In addition, you can modify your cart to send prompts to customers with minimum purchase thresholds. For instance, let’s say that a client has to make a $200 purchase to earn a free delivery and only has $180 worth of merchandise in their cart. You can display a pop-up telling them to “Add $20 to your order to earn free delivery.”

If you would like to learn more about GOPD’s B2B e-commerce features, products, and services, contact us today! We can give your team the tools it needs to grow your business in 2022.