About Us

People ask us all the time "what does GOPD stand for?" The best answer is "Great Office Product Dealers."

People ask us all the time “what does GOPD stand for?” The best answer is “Great Office Product Dealers.” We believe that GOPD office product dealers are “GREAT.” Our partnership mission is to make dealers even GREATER!

The GOPD team consists of people who grew up in the office product industry. As a result, we understand your business and the issues you face. Our team members are dedicated to supporting GOPD’s products and helping you uncover new opportunities. We frequently share our knowledge and best practices.

GOPD’s “one-on-one” training is customized to guide you through the process. Each session is conducted at your speed, taking into consideration your availability and goals. We review your subscription and work with you to develop a plan to meet and exceed your expectations.

GOPD gives dealer choices from the á la carte menu to full system bundles. You can start with the standalone shopping cart and add functionality as needed, such as cart customization, selling suite tools, customer punchout, EPIC Integration, QuickBooks or NetSuite integration and more. Only pay for what you need. To learn more about which GOPD features are right for you, visit our PRODUCTS page.